Why Chinese don’t use Facebook? And some relevant questions

Why Chinese don’t use Facebook?

Why Chinese don't use Facebook? And some relevant questions

I was being asked: “Why is Facebook/Twitter/YouTube blocked in China?” If you’re looking for a short answer, my answer is: The government ban it as national security issue. Obviously this answer is not satisfied if you’re inquisitive. So let me explain it to you…

(Notice: All statements represents my personal view only)

First thing first I have to remind that China has a big population in the world. And it’s a developing country, the resources are unevenly distributed. This may lead to a huge gap between social classes and between individual.

“The same rice can feed up hundred different people.(一样米养百样人)” This is a proverb in China. It means not everyone are same. I think I don’t have to tell what is the power of the internet and how much influence of rumors on the internet. With the huge gap between social classes and between individual, most of people do not have ability to analyse the information is true or not. Another thing is the density of police officer in China is very less if compared with this huge population. Every 100,000 people got 120 police officer in China refer to: List of countries by number of police officers, if the social really unrest up, the force of Chinese government is very weak. At this point, we can not take any one country compared with China.

Also, do you still remember the PRISM? Facebook, Twitter even Google they’re all belongs to American company. We don’t know if the U.S. government access them and gather information or not…

All in all, I don’t think Chinese Government really wants to block the internet if there is no security issue at all. They’re just stop the most people but not all. Even now, Chinese internet user have many ways to connect to Facebook, Twitter and those banned website if they want go and see. As a normal internet user, I don’t think Facebook is important to me, there is no reason to go if there are no friends of mine. Good thing is, China has tons of similar websites to instead. But block YouTube is sad for me.

What China uses instead of Facebook?

Instead of Facebook: Renren, Q-zone, Fanfou, DouBan, kaixin001…

Instead of Twitter: WeiBo, Tencent WeiBo, 163 WeiBo, Sina WeiBo…

Instead of YouTube: Youku, TuDou, Tencent Video, Sina Video…

The good thing is, those websites might be copy the other foreign website at the start, but some website goes with their own features later.

What else websites are blocked in China?

You can refer to this list: Websites blocked in China (From Wikipedia)

But the list I put above is not accurate, for example of Flickr, some of cities in China still could open it with very fast loading time, but some of cities cannot even open the webpage.

When I heard Google has been banned in China, I was urgently asking my father to ensure about it, but my father still can browsing Google website. So seem that the internet legal & rule in China might not be same at all.


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  2. 氪星人 says:

    竟然能看懂,ps:现在说WeiBo 就是指新浪微博。

  3. Gloria says:

    Hihi, 边雷~~~got your name^^
    sometimes we use wechat instead of FB. Fb only for if you have foreign Friends…in Hk very popular to use both.
    PS: your dawning is very impressive!!

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