4 Things I’ve Learned Since Graduation

Time takes wings while you’re young. My career has never get off the starting block after graduation, I was changing over between different types of work for different reasons. However, it’s time to do some change. Here are things I’ve been thinking about and learned from the past.


1. Do what you want/have to do.

It’s literally a simple understand on to do what you want to do. When you really want something, it triggers your passion and guarantee that you put heart and soul into it, it is also a way to avoid waste time, which bring to the next part:

2. Set long-term goals.

Set clear, long-term sustainability goals, evaluate it, then break into weekly tasks or even shorter. Lightly revise it base on the fact of your ability while on track (if extrimely hard). Once you achieve the goal, you will get benefits from gaining self-confidence and so on.

3. Control your desire.

Well, I’m not saying to limite one’s desire, it’s to know when to stop. Time is not infinite. Imagine that if you don’t give yourself a control on the time of game play, you may either subjectively skip an important math class or just forget to do so, thus it could ruins the whole plan.

4. Know your strength and apply it to everyday life.

For instance, if an IT student is weak in maths (represent abstract ability) but strengthen in geometry, hence he/she could learn programming language by interpret them to some graphical stuff and understand them easily. This concept has helpful and could be applied to everyday life.


They are the dreams that come ture and the dreams that are destined to remian dreams. Above are 4 things I’ve learned, almost 2 years since my graduation. What about you?


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  1. 从良未遂 says:

    you have learned too much

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