I’d like to watch The Walking Dead, hum… Talk about hobby

I’d like to watch The Walking Dead, hum… Talk about hobby

(Photo from: Comic Fiesta 2014 Day 2)

Few days ago, there is a friend asked me:”What is your hobby?” I was unable to answer this straight question because nobody ask me about this question for many years.

Okay, here I made a list that notice the things I’d like to do…

  • Take photo. I’m a shutterbug~\(^o^)/~
  • Blogging. A good way to write out my perspective.
  • Play archery. Hope I could have my own bow and those arrows in the future, so I no need to pay expensive fee to play archery.
  • Watch hot girls. Which man doesn’t like to do this?
  • Watch the TV series The Walking Dead. Oh, man. I love this shit. I following The Walking Dead since the first series. My favorite character is Daryl Dixon(Played by “Norman Reedus”).
  • Ride bicycle. I love cycling when I was a kid, but I’ve stopped riding bicycle for many years because of the place I’m currently living is not suitable to ride bicycle. But I really like cycling.
  • Play with cat friends. Cute cat. I could be a good friend of cats. I also like dogs.
  • Watch movies. Watch movies could gives me inspiration and experience of life. And normally it’s just take two hours.
  • Kill zombies in video game. FPS and ACT games are all great types for me. I’m just the man who like to kill zombies!

Quote from me!

「Keep trying new things and getting new experience is what life should be.」 —— BianLei

I have never done these things in my life, but I’m willing to try them in the future:

– High altitude skydiving

– Cruise travel

– Riding (Horse)

– Shoot a real gun


* This post would be updated in anytime.


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    • Alina Chan says:


      • BianLei says:


    • BianLei says:


  3. 大路 says:

    哈哈哈…Watch hot girls,这个也是我的兴趣,哈哈

  4. dory says:

    虽然我很想用英语回复 ,但是太久没用它了,有点不知道如何开始。

    • BianLei says:


  5. hannah says:

    我一直追行尸走肉的。弩哥也是我的最爱 就是他喜欢的那个短发的女朋友太老了。

    • BianLei says:


  6. hannah says:


  7. hannah says:

    哎 悲剧啊 最近在看神盾呢。

  8. Shoot(Real Gun)这个不错

  9. I prefer stimulus, such as bungee jumping and skydiving…

  10. 好想说一句:本人属于一英文中的文盲,心酸呀

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