How to Ride Safely on a Motorcycle

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Although there have been countless individuals who have talked about the topic of “How to ride safely”, but hereby I still wanna share some safety tips to be aware of when riding a motorcycle from my experience on the road.[……]

How To Get Motorbike Licence NZ | My Costs of Learner Licence

There are three stages to get FULL motorbike licence in New Zealand: Start from Learner Licence > Restricted Licence > Full Licence. You are legally to ride a motorbike with any one of those licences. If you want to know more about how to get a Motorcycle Licence, check the official website: Motorcycles | NZ Transport Agency. Here is a blog that records how I’ve got my Learner Licence.

How To Get Motorbike Licence NZ | My Costs of Learner Licence[……]

4 Things I’ve Learned Since Graduation

Time takes wings while you’re young. My career has never get off the starting block after graduation, I was changing over between different types of work for different reasons. However, it’s time to do some change. Here are things I’ve been thinking about and learned from the past.

  • Do what you want/have to do.
  • Set long-term goals.
  • Control your desire.
  • Know your strength and apply it to everyday life.