How to Ride Safely on a Motorcycle

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Although there have been countless individuals who have talked about the topic of “How to ride safely”, but hereby I still wanna share some safety tips to be aware of when riding a motorcycle from my experience on the road.


The sand is natural enemy of biker

When I was young, I wanted to show off: To made a fast corning on road. I decided to accelerate before a narrow corner and then turn it. I didn’t realize the sands on the road which caused me slipping, and then I adjust the balance and finally passed through that corner. But this told me that those small sands would cost you a lot. So be really really careful with unknown road condition.


Tank Slapper / Wobble after going downhill through the speed bump on slippery surface

There is one time I was riding my bike going downhill after a car that almost made bad things happened. That was the time after rain, which has slippery surface and a speed bump I didn’t know. The driver in front was slowed down due to the preparation of the speed bump. I tried to brake gradually but it was late, so I made a sudden turn to the right ride of the car in order to avoid crash, which threw me into a tank slapper. You will never know how insane the tank slapper is if you don’t encounter it. Luckily I’ve got the balance back after several shaking around with my bike. I learned that when the road is slippery or uneven, the speed must not be fast, and the sudden heavy brake is something you don’t want to use in your life. And if you can, try to stay away from the car as much as you can, the car will never fall, but the bike can fall.


You have plenty time to wait traffic light, don’t do lane splitting if you want to be safe!

Lane Splitting is illegal in some countries. In New Zealand, it’s up to the situation. but I’ve tried it a couple of times and I think you’d better not to do so. The first reason is, most of the drivers here don’t have the sense to leave enough space for bikers. Another reason is that lane splitting is really dangerous. Unless you have to fight against the second thing, I personally don’t recommend you to do this.

Once I was splitting lanes while everyone else waiting for the traffic lights, and then the light turned green. The flow started to move slowly. A car behind me started towards my way after I just passed it because the driver didn’t correct steering wheel. I watched a lot of motorcycle crash videos, and many of bikers gets into crashes that caused by cars during splitting lanes. You can’t take the risk by lane splitting! So please say ‘No’ to lane splitting.


Taillights broken and still driving on road!? Caution of slippery surface, it will increases braking time and distance

The rain caught me up sometimes, the sight would be the first thing to be affected, then is when to use the brakes must be cautious. But at that time I never imagined I almost crashed with a trailer just because the broken taillights! What’s the most obvious object when it’s raining? Of course it is your light. I usually look at the taillights from the car in front so I know when to slow down, but I didn’t know that trailer has problem with taillights. The time I started to brake it was too late, so I pressed both front and rear brakes heavily and suddenly, and I’ve got a slight slippery but avoided an accident. Then I told the driver about his broken lights but he said he knew it with a smiley face. What an asshole…


Don’t lean too much, slow down when passing through intersection, avoid sudden brake, riding in rain is not a bad thing

I have been poured a few times while riding, like 5 minutes of heavy rain, and I’m started to getting used to it. I have seen a video of how wet road affects the friction from the tires on YouTube (Original video: How far can you lean before you lose traction?), the conclusion of that video is that even if your tires are soaking in the rain, the tires still keep great friction for you. And there are many of bikers seems comfortable to ride in rain. Personally, I don’t consider rain is a problem for riding. Put your waterproof gears on, and enjoy the rest. There are two things which rain can bring with: The poor vision and a complex road conditions.

The poor vision issue can be solved by open the windshield on the helmet to prevent the steam to blur your sight. If it is pouring rain, forget about it. It will be fine if you ride slowly to allow more reaction time. Then there is the complex road condition. The main consideration in the rainy days is that the wet slippery surface. The slipping could be caused by lean too much, sudden braking and so on. So it is necessary to check the road condition, if it is too complex, slow down! When you see an intersection, slow down! Even though you follow the traffic rules, you should consider the existence of some stupid cagers!


The last thing I want to say is: riding a motorcycle is awesome, riding like a wind is not awesome as a relatively slow but safely ride in a lifetime.



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