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4 Things I’ve Learned Since Graduation

Time takes wings while you’re young. My career has never get off the starting block after graduation, I was changing over between different types of work for different reasons. However, it’s time to do some change. Here are things I’ve been thinking about and learned from the past.

  • Do what you want/have to do.
  • Set long-term goals.
  • Control your desire.
  • Know your strength and apply it to everyday life.



玩过辐射4你也不会发现的秘密 www.catmee.com/fallout4secrets/



  • 1. 辐射世界的斯诺登——Deacon
  • 2. 学院对地面的掌控可能远超你的想象
  • 3. 辐射4中的人体模型



对辐射4的一些心得感想及那些另我印象深刻的人和事 http://www.catmee.com/fallout4/ Fallout 4 Geralt of Rivia Face, by player BianLei

在辐射4发布后的第三个月我就在Steam入了这款游戏,那时还不懂辐射系列的核心、只是被游戏所创造的末世之景所吸引,所以第一次通关的时候我的游戏记录有很长一段时间里只是停留在了24小时左右,对,只是过了把主线、剧情也没玩明白都是怎么回事(玩的英文版,好多生词当时直接跳过,所以基本只知道我是谁,要到哪里去……),并且用了一点美化MOD,然后就删游戏了,直到某天发现辐射4差评激增、好信儿的我才又重新下载游戏打算静下心来玩一玩,谁知之前的存档被Bethesda更新后的Creation Club给废了(MOD从此收费了,这就是为什么大家突然给差评的原因),只好从头开始。


  • 辐射4中那些另我印象深刻的人和事
  • 辐射4新手加点推荐
  • 辐射4最好用的武器
  • 辐射4既好看又高防的衣服
  • 辐射4最强队友
  • 辐射4官方取消民兵无限任务的方法
  • 辐射4官方手机应用:Fallout Pip-Boy
  • 说回辐射新维加斯(对比辐射4)


4 Websites Every Gamer Should Know!

I will not nominate some popular websites that most people have already known such as Steam, Metacritic, etc. I will only introduce some practical websites which has been bookmarked for quite a long time and I still have not filtered them out, which means valuable and I do check them out sometimes. Legend: The number is stand for count, it does not represent any favourite or ranks.

4 Websites Every Gamer Should Know! http://www.catmee.com/gamer-sites/[……]