How To Get Motorbike Licence NZ | My Costs of Learner Licence

There are three stages to get FULL motorbike licence in New Zealand: Start from Learner Licence > Restricted Licence > Full Licence. You are legally to ride a motorbike with any one of those licences. If you want to know more about how to get a Motorcycle Licence, check the official website: Motorcycles | NZ Transport Agency. For online renewal of rego (licence) see Online services | NZ Transport Agency. Here is a blog that records how I’ve got my Learner Licence.


Stage #1: Basic Handling Skills Test

I’ve got my Learner Licence in few days ago. The first test I took was called Basic Handling Skills Test. You have to register and book a test online via agency website. Once you book the test successfully, all you have to do is to be there on time. Here is a YouTube video that will show you what exact the test looks like:

This is the venue for testing. My bike and equipment was provided!

How To Get Motorbike Licence NZ | My Costs of Learner Licence

And… of course a selfie.

How To Get Motorbike Licence NZ | My Costs of Learner Licence

After your completion (approximately 1 hour) the examiner will write you a certificate, there is no expiry date for it. The next thing you have to do is to bring this certificate and go for Theory Test.


Stage #2: Learner Licence Theory Test

If you are foreigner and you want to take Learner Licence Theory Test: Make sure to bring bank statement along with passport and the certificate (Basic Handling Skills Test).

Go any of AA centre and tell them you want to apply for Motorbike Licence, you will need to fill out a form with basic information and do the eyesight test, then the staff will take a portrait of you. And if you are lucky you can take the theory test after this. Once you pass the test the staff will issue you a temporary learner licence and then you will be all set on road!

How to prepare for the Theory Test

You can read this official recommended road code for motorcyclists but it’s not that helpful for test: The official New Zealand road code for motorcyclists. What I suggest you to do is go through the free mock test and keep practice until you have at least 99% correct answers: Free NZ Road Code Quizzes for Your Motorbike Licence Test. I know there are so many questions need to review, but think if you fail the test like me in the first time, I then spent another $45.7 to resit!

Here is a picture I took in AA centre. It is small but include everything you need.

How To Get Motorbike Licence NZ | My Costs of Learner Licence


My Costs of Learner Licence

These are the compulsory costs you can’t avoid.

  • Basic Handling Skills Test: $110 (It may varies depends on the agency you choose)
  • Learner Licence Application: $48.20
  • Learner Licence Theory Test: $45.70
  • Resit Learner Licence Theory Test: $45.70 (You don’t have to do this if you are lucky)
  • Learner Licence L Plate: $10.00 (Optional)

Total: $259.6



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