Looking West piano song/music MP3 version download, Insidious 2 piano song

Insidious 2 piano song Looking West, MP3 version download

If you have watched the film Insidious 2, you must familiar with a piano song which Renai Lambert played on piano in the film. I uploaded MP3 version here, so you can listen it and download:

Download (Select “Save as” on Right click to download)

Where this song came from

Of course from the film Insidious 2. But it wasn’t completed.

Then, TenKyda, a YouTube user had released a piano song by herself(which is played by her). This is the source video that I found:


What I’ve done to this song

Since so many people love this song and TenKyda had made this video but no MP3 version. I made a MP3 version and uploaded here. Well, I have done some basic things to this video such as:

1. Extract audio from the video

2. Denoise process

3. Increase the volume

4. Pack up and share


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  1. Maggie says:

    this is very easy. hope that the song is perfect too.

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