KTN GP125 Specs, Top Speed, First Motorcycle in My Life

P1. Front view.

First motorcycle in my life - KTN GP125

P2. Rear.

First motorcycle in my life - KTN GP125

P3. Classic instrument panel.

First motorcycle in my life - KTN GP125

P4. The start system is designed as press electric start button while holding clutch grip to get started.

First motorcycle in my life - KTN GP125

P5. Refer to the user manual, says the maximum speed is 90km/h, but I’ve tried on the highway and the maximum speed can reach to 110km/h.

First motorcycle in my life - KTN GP125

P6. What a good view in night!

First motorcycle in my life - KTN GP125

P7. A little more information about this KTN GP125: The engine model is “K157FMI”, which is produced by a Chinese motorcycle supply company located in Jinan of China. The appearance of KTN GP125 is exactly same as the following motorcycles: Mash Seventy Five 125, Herald classic 125, Sinnis Retrostar 125, Qingqi classic 125…

First motorcycle in my life - KTN GP125


KTN GP125 Specs

  • L x W x H (mm) : 1950 x 880 x 1100
  • Wheelbase (mm) : 1280
  • Ground Clearance (mm) : 200
  • Dry Mass (kg) : 115
  • Fuel Capacity (L) : 9
  • Fuel Efficiency (L/100 km) : ≤2.1
  • Maximum Speed (kw/h) : 90
  • Engine Type : 1-Cylinder, 4-Strokes, Air-cooled
  • Displacement (ml) : 125
  • Maximum Power (kw/rpm) : 8.3/10000
  • Maximum Torque (N.m/rpm) : 9.0/7500
  • Starter System : Electric and Kick
  • Drive System : Chain Drive
  • Clutch : Wet Multiple Plate
  • Brake (F/R) : Disc / Disc
  • Tyre (F/R) : 90/90,110/80


More Pictures Regard to KTN GP125 Click Here!!!



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  3. Lee says:

    Congratulations bro…nice bike.. How’s the experience so far ?

    • BianLei says:

      The time I bought it was half year ago, it cost me RM 6,800 totally with insurance, the body only needs RM 5,800. Not sure what price it is now but you may want to check up MUDAH website.

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