How to distinguish Japanese, Korean and Chinese people? [3rd edition, last update: 5 July, 2015]

How to distinguish Japanese, Korean and Chinese people?

How to distinguish an Asian people from Japan, South Korea and China?  This might be an interesting topic especially for those of non-Asian people. I’m a Chinese, sometimes I’m also get confused about distinguish on which guy is come from which country. But few years later, after I have seen many people from different countries, I think I can guess their nationalities correctly in a high probability. And here is my experience on how to distinguish Japanese, Korean and Chinese people, I’ve jotted it down to share with you.

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The feature of Japanese people are: They usually have “chinky eyes” with an almond protruding hooded parallel or upturned protruding hooded parallel eye shape, what do I mean by this? See some sample pictures here:

How to distinguish Japanese, Korean and Chinese people?

Japanese film actor: Yūya Yagira

How to distinguish Japanese, Korean and Chinese people?

My favorite Japanese actor: Shōta Sometani

Did you notice these two people are in medium-long hair style? Yes, this is another feature of Japanese people: Most of Japanese men likes to keep a medium-long hair style.

Japanese people usually have a beautiful diamond shaped face or oval face shape.

How to distinguish Japanese, Korean and Chinese people?

Film actress: Aoi Miyazaki

Japanese people is also have the “Roman nose” gene which is inherited from Ainu people. This is why you can find some Japanese people has a high bridge of nose. For example:

How to distinguish Japanese, Korean and Chinese people?

Model: Hiroshi Abe


As my own opinion, 90% of Japanese people that I’ve known are very polite. Maybe because of their family education, people like to neatly dressed up before they can go out, this is a kind of way to respect to other people. See this picture, the guy seems very spirited:

How to distinguish Japanese, Korean and Chinese people?

Tokyo Faces street style capture: Original URL from Dandyism

For Japanese girls, I found out a feature behavior of them is the way they stand/walk in pigeon-toed, you can see this behavior a lot especially in manga and anime, and I have no idea if it’s manga and anime affected to the girl in real life or the manga and anime are just represented the Japanese girls in real life. And… the reason of it? I don’t know~

How to distinguish Japanese, Korean and Chinese people?

Hatsune Miku… I think you all known it, her?


– Japanese people has “chinky eyes” with an almond protruding hooded parallel or upturned protruding hooded parallel eye shape.

– The height of Japanese people are mostly among short~medium level if compared with South Korean and Chinese.

– Japanese is taken 2nd place of people who has single eyelids if compare with South Korean and Chinese.

– Most of Japanese people do not like to ask help from other people even when they’re have trouble.

– Most of Japanese people are polite and organized.

– Japanese people shows a quiet and organized group behavior when they stay in public environment.

– Japanese people perform wacky action or embodied within dress up in sometimes.

– Lovely Japanese girls.


South Korean


When I talk about South Korean from the out-looking, the first thing that pops-up in my mind is: They look so white. Well, not that white, but the most white skin color in Asia area. The second characteristic that I can think about South Korean people is that upturned protruding hooded tapered or elongated protruding hooded monolid or almond protruding hooded monolid eye shape and their people’s height.

How to distinguish Japanese, Korean and Chinese people?


Musical Artist: Oh Se-hoon

How to distinguish Japanese, Korean and Chinese people?

Musical Artist: Byun Baek-hyun

How to distinguish Japanese, Korean and Chinese people?

Singer: Im Yoona

I think South Korean people are taller than Japanese and Chinese people in average.


I think it is the affection from the media of South Korea, seems that the teenage girls are likely to join the sexy route for dress code as general. For boys, just refer to the boy band “EXO”, those “beautiful boys” can represents some of South Korean people.

For the behavior, no offense. But I think the group of South Korean people can be loud and noisy in public environment. For individual, it’s really up to the person.


– Most of South Korean people has smallest almond protruding hooded eye shape if compared with Japanese and Chinese people in average.

– South Korean people are taken 1st place of people who has single eyelids if compare with Japanese and Chinese.

– South Korean people’s skin are so white.

– The height of South Korean people are mostly among medium~high level if compared with Japanese and Chinese.

– South Korean people are tallest if compared with Japanese and Chinese in average.

– Group of South Korean people can be loud and noisy in public environment.

– It’s up to the person for the individual behavior.

– Stylish South Korean people.

– “Produce” sexy girls.




The “hard to tell part” is coming! Chinese people is a group of 56 different nations and dispersed in a big span of Asia. Due to the Han nationality is the most important constituent part, so I will just tell you some features about the Han nationality. (Do you know out of the Han nationality, there are some Chinese people looks like Iranians and Kazakhstan?)

I’d like to separate the Han nationality into two parts in order to discuss easily, divided by Qinling Mountains-Huaihe River Line:

How to distinguish Japanese, Korean and Chinese people?

Qinling Mountains-Huaihe River Line and five parts of China on the map

As you can see, there are actual five parts of China after the line, but as a foreigner, you don’t have to treat it as what the figure shown up there.

So~ No we have the northerner and the southerner. Normally when we talk about northern Chinese, my impression is: They have white skin, the height of them is taller than southern Chinese in average, and look stronger. The response on facial part is that northern Chinese look more NE Asian (Mongol, Korean, Japanese, Tibetan, etc) (This point is supported by genetic studies on East Asians). And the northern Chinese tend to have single eyelids for most of people.

How to distinguish Japanese, Korean and Chinese people?

Singer: Lu Han

For the southern Chinese, their height can be obvious shorter than northern Chinese (I think their height is similar to Japanese people). The people with round face shape is more taken place in south part of China. They’re have a wider nose, smaller jaw, flatter foreheads.

How to distinguish Japanese, Korean and Chinese people?

Singer: Zhang Hanyun


The feature represents on characteristic is: The northern Chinese are much more like being processed with raw energy and do things in straightforward. And the southern Chinese people is much more circumspect on doing details. I think this is the impact from custom of family education.

The culture conflict between northern Chinese and southern Chinese is also becoming the barrier for a lot of things. For instance, if you see a group of Chinese people is talking very loud and seems they’re not care about others, this might be a group of northern Chinese people. Just say as example, I don’t mean to offend anyone. But again, as I mentioned in previous, it is really depends on individual.

Another thing I want to point out is that if you see an old-fashion young people who wear sport shoes such as a sport boy or stands there with a funny dress style, there is a high probability to sure that’s a Chinese guy. As a Chinese people, I understand why it’s like this: Many teachers in middle school would stopping girls to make up and banning other dress code in order to let student focus on study only.


– Chinese people covers all of Japanese and South Korean’s facial and skin features.

– The height of Chinese people are covered short~high level if compared with Japanese and South Korean. The height of northern Chinese is higher than southern Chinese in general.

– Due to the diversity of Chinese people, it is difficult to tell from a bunch.


Until now, have you got some of my point? If you have your own perspective, just leave a comment. I’m glad to see yours!~




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– 北方人和南方人的性格


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  1. leny says:

    i dont like this post u dont know anithing about korea :))))))))))))))))) sweety :D

    • BianLei says:

      Everyone have a limited perceive. I’m glad to hear your perspective.

    • Anonymous says:

      why not,I think Korean it is .this is true

      • Anonymous says:

        Funny because I have Chinese, Korean, Japanese classmates in my school and they look nothing like the description here. And this person used actors and singers as their example, which is also a bad idea because then I literally know a Korean who looks Chinese and a Chinese who looks Japanese if this is the description you are giving me. Not a good idea to post something like this, there’s not much of a difference because either way it’s not like they are supposed to look all the same are they?

        • BianLei says:

          I’ve also seen some Asian people from different countries and they’re look alike, does that means all of behaviors or appearances have to be the same as what I said? Of course not! There is no 100% thing in this world. Do not think things like extreme “yes” or “no”.

        • Babypower says:

          I agree. Using celebrity to compare is a joke because they are whole different level. And the funny thing he even uses Abe Hiroshi nose, claiming it looks romans due to Ainu influence. Like seriously I’ve seen so many Chinese/Koreans even Vietnamese with a more larger and aqualine lose than that,

          His nose is not even anywhere protuding in many angles

          And honestly I’m not even sure if his face looks like that due to Ainu genes. Because I’ve see so many Thai men, Filipino men, Vietnamese men with that Southeats Asian features like the large double eyelids and occasionally with a high bridge nose to go with

  2. Jackie says:

    I find it interesting you have put pictures of Chinese people who have gone through excessive plastic surgeries as examples… I’ve never seen anyone looking remotely close to the ones up there in decades in China :p

  3. Anonymous says:

    Out of all South Korean people you used Rain and Yuri… why not the other beauties like you used in the examples for the Chinese?? There’s TOP from BigBang, he used to be extremely obese but no plastic surgery? IU? And honestly I have a friend who is S.Korean herself and literally she has had her double eye lids ever since I met her in 4th Gr. I personally think you are making the Japanese and Koreans look bad and the Chinese look better because you are one yourself. I’ve seen Chinese MC’s in shows, they look nothing like the examples you set up! Not to be rude, but I am fairly very disappointed in this.

  4. Tiffany Cheng says:

    Koreans and North Chinese people are tall indeed. Japanese people and South Chinese people are short on average. Koreans to me look more like Samsung’s CEO, Lee Kun Hee. Japanese people look more like Shinzo Abe, Japanese PM. North Chinese people to me look more like Wen Jiabao, China’s ex-vice chairman. South Chinese people to more look more like Joshua Wong, Hong Kong’s activist.

    • BianLei says:

      Good point. After these years of observation, I found there are different feature appearances between different nationality but most definitions are stereotype, that’s why some people would not say so because this may cause a intense discussion.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know how to distinguish Chinese,Korean and Japanese.

  6. Babypower says:

    There are so many Chinese, Korean people I’ve seen with higher and aquiline noses than Hiroshi Abe. Why the heck is that nose Ainu influence ?

  7. Raj says:

    A big difference between Chinese and Japanese is that Japanese are so much more technically advanced and innovative than Chinese that Chinese can’t compete with them ever same goes for Koreans facial features doesn’t matter coz Albert Einstein and Adolf Hitler both were white

  8. 森田としろ says:

    Incorrect, im ha Japanese and have Korean older sister.and have lived in s. Korea and Japan.
    Japanese eyes angle up, Koreans have natural puffs under the eyes an both have High nasal bridge and narrow nostrils. Korean are lightest in skin tone, Japanese are second, Chinese are third . Chinese eyes angle down.
    Never use celebrities as example due to plastic surgery.

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