Dying Light achievement: Homo Homini Lupus Est, where to find survivors and Rais’s men

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Watch this video instruction to see where can find survivors and Rais’s men at last few story lines. Remember the “survivors and Rais’s men” is a random event. So you have to go this path over and over again until you meet them and finish them. Quit the game and restart from OLD TOWN if you do not see any “survivors and Rais’s men” when you finish a circle, this would save time & give another chance to encounter this random event. Here is a map that marked with red color is where the path is:

Dying Light achievement: Homo Homini Lupus Est, where to find survivors and Rais's men

Once you save 15 survivors from Rais’s men you will complete the Homo Homini Lupus Est achievement. Still, the best way to complete this achievement is do it while you’re in the main story line. If my information helps you somehow, feel free to leave a comment down here, cheers!


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