“German” says

"German" says

(Picture: The guy I was talking with, his name is “German”)

I have been to Malacca yesterday, and that was my third time to be there but the first time to be there alone. You might query why I went to Malacca again? Well, this question is like to ask me “why do you open game folder again?” Just because I like the impression of my previous time of Malacca. But in this third time, there was no more fangles for me, I’m not interested in learning history of a building. All I wanted do was watching different travelers. And this is why I met Mr.German.

Briefly, Mr.German was playing guitar to have fun with passengers and as the same time to earn some bucks so he could have some beer later. I was the guy sat next to him, then I started talk like “Would you like to share this with me?” And I pointed to a snack pack that I bought from Jonker Street. This is how we started this conversation.

Mr.German is an enthusiastic person. We were talking about traveling and some other things. Such as he shared his travel experience. At the end of the day when I’m coming back, I was still thinking about his story and his words. I pick some words that his said, easy to understand and I know he isn’t the first guy to say these, but these words he said are all based on his life experience:

– I looked young is because I’m happy.
– Trust yourself, everything is possible.
– The first important thing is, trust yourself.


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