4 Websites Every Gamer Should Know!

I will not nominate some popular websites that most people have already known such as Steam, Metacritic, etc. I will only introduce some practical websites which has been bookmarked for quite a long time and I still have not filtered them out, which means valuable and I do check them out sometimes. Legend: The number is stand for count, it does not represent any favourite or ranks.


1. HowLongToBeat – To know how many hours you could finish all quests for a game.

4 Websites Every Gamer Should Know! http://www.catmee.com/gamer-sites/

HowLongToBeat is a fantastic website that allows you to see how many hours you are going to spend to completely walkthrough a game. Once you enter your Steam ID on it, this website will able to estimate library and telling you how many hours each game is going to take to experience in average.


2. Steam Trading Cards Wiki – How does next level badge looks like?

4 Websites Every Gamer Should Know! http://www.catmee.com/gamer-sites/

If you are not sure what is the next level of badge looks like and hesitate to upgrade a badge or not for a better appearance, then you should definitely go to Steam Trading Cards Wiki to check out. It offer you to take a look at both of the different trading cards and badges, even more…


3. Notebookcheck – Is your graphic card able to bust it’s ass maximumly?

4 Websites Every Gamer Should Know! http://www.catmee.com/gamer-sites/

I’m sure I am not the only guy who is used to play PC games on a laptop! So how do you know if your graphic card could run a game smoothly before wast time to download it? Go fo Notebookcheck, type in your graphic card name, the benchmarks would show you FPS on different graphic quality. Just simple as it says.


4. Geforce Guides – This official tweaking guidance is gonna make you Whoooaaaaaaa, Dude!

4 Websites Every Gamer Should Know! http://www.catmee.com/gamer-sites/

One day I discovered this Geforce Guides website which could lead you to tweak the game settings to balance performance and graphic quality hand by hand. One thing that really standing out is the Interactive Comparisons in this guidance, it allow you to drag slider to compare graphic details in runtime. I know this feature is not novelty but it really help a lot. Tweak Guidance included Destiny 2, Watch Dogs 2, Titanfall 2, Gears of War 4, Fallout 4 and so on.


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