Multiple memberships on Trade Me? Tell You Why TradeMe is SUCKS!

Now if I log into my account, it shows like this:

Multiple memberships on Trade Me? Tell You Why TradeMe is SUCKS!

My Story with Trade Me

Believe or not, I personally had four accounts on Trade Me, but only one left which is activated. Let’s talk about account A, my first account on Trade Me.

At that time I was looking for jobs on Trade Me. I wasn’t think too much, just had my real name registered on Trade Me for job hunting, and for some technical reasons, I’ve never receive the email that allows me to active my account! So I registered another email address just for Trade Me, and then of course register Trade Me account with my new email. Here it comes my second Trade Me account B.

One day I realized that Trade Me doesn’t helpful in job hunting. But I started to selling things on Trade Me, after I made a few deals I think it is not wise to have my real name displayed on Trade Me, so I registered account C, and added some credits, things goes just as what I expected until one day, I received an email with a lovely title says: Auctions withdrawn, a few minutes later following another email titled with Multiple memberships on Trade Me, the admin has withdrawn my lists and deleted my account. Screenshots of the email:

Auctions withdrawn:

Multiple memberships on Trade Me? Tell You Why TradeMe is SUCKS!

Multiple memberships on Trade Me:

Hi xxxx,

It has come to our attention that you have been operating more than one membership on the site. This is a breach of our terms and conditions. Accordingly, we have suspended your secondary memberships and have left one for you to use on the site.

If you are not sure of your initial log in information, please follow the link below to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with the membership information you need to use the site.

Your cooperation is appreciated.

You can’t reply directly to this email but if you have any questions regarding this policy, decision or any other issue, we’re happy to discuss this with you. Please contact us using the below link:

Alternatively, to have your questions answered instantly, you can contact Trade Me via 0900 TRADE (0900 87233). Please be aware, calls cost $1.99 + GST per minute.

Customer Support

Multiple memberships on Trade Me? Tell You Why TradeMe is SUCKS!

So I tried to contact them by sent four or five emails by click on ‘contact us’ in that email, I stated the reason why I registered three accounts on Trade Me, and appealed to offer a chance to change my name of account. but they never reply! Not as what it says on Trade Me ‘Expected response time: 3-5 days’. I was waiting for a month, no shit coming out! Nothing! (I can’t dial 090087233 because my SIM plan is Pre-paid).

Multiple memberships on Trade Me? Tell You Why TradeMe is SUCKS!

Due to I really don’t want to use my real name on Trade Me especially when you selling things online, so I registered fourth account D. The result ended just like account C, no notice before delete all your lists (I’ve had more than 10 lists). At that time I just spent $49.99 for a list in vehicle category, how fucked up Trade Me is??


Why TradeMe is SUCKS

  • Everything is about MONEY! Withdraw the item you listed? Spend money! Sold an item? Share your Money!
  • You’ll pay 7.9% of the price of each product you sold on Trade Me
  • For special category like Vehicle, you have to spend more money to list them
  • The dogs who work for Trade Me (Admin) can delete your list at anytime for no reason



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