Android App: Expense Notepad

Android App: Expense Notepad


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Foreword: This is my first Android app. If you feel this app is helpful for you, please also recommend it to your friends! If you have anything to say about this application you can also leave a comment below. Thank you for your support.



Original creation of recording manner let you record expenses directly in anytime, at anywhere. The quick, simple app that helps you to track personal finances easily.



  • Use as notepad use manner to record
  • Automatically detect numbers inside of brackets and calculate total amount
  • Generate each day of month by one click
  • Supports stick notes to notification bar for fast open and record
  • Supports to send content by Email
  • Supports multiple language locale

User Guide

This user guide is standing for demonstrate the process of use and answer some common inquiries during app use.

As first time to use Expense Notepad, you can find a “Create new” button icon at the bottom. tap that button to have a new record.

Android App: Expense Notepad

In the next page, you would see a editable page with a bottom bar. Mention that the terms of Menu is different as the previous one. Select “Add date template” from Menu, each day of this month will be generated as a template. Record the item name of things you bought today, and tab “Add (…)” button at the bottom after each item you record, it would generate a pair of brackets. Then, put the number of price inside of those brackets. You will able to see the total amount at the right bottom indicator.

Android App: Expense Notepad

This is a complete example of my expense records:

Android App: Expense Notepad

Back to the previous page, tap and hold on the item that we just recorded, you can see a pop-up menu, select “Stick to notification bar”:

Android App: Expense Notepad

Then, swipe down the notification bar (status bar) and you will able to see the note that we’ve stuck. Every time when you need to record something, just tap the note from the notification bar, the sticky note will be opened for view.

Android App: Expense Notepad



Q1: Why I cannot see the menu?

A: Because you’re using the phone which has a physical menu button. Click on the physical menu button, I’m sure the menu will open up.

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