Dying Light – How to cheat in Bozak Horde, unlimited challenge timer

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The Bozak Horde is kinda torture people, the limited time has becomes a big problem in this 20-trial challenge. Unfortunately, in order to earn some achievements such as Get the Bozak, Together Till the End, Electric Whisper, and Things That Go Ka-Boom. We have to pass through this abnormal challenge. Here is how you can cheat in Bozak Horde:

New trainer download URL: Click here for direct download URL

Old one might be useless:

You will have to download a trainer which is named as Dying Light v1.0-1.6.1 Plus 26 Trainer (Direct download link: http://db4.gamersky.com/Common/ShowDownloadUrl.aspx?urlid=0&id=610409), the interface is look like this:

Dying Light - How to cheat in Bozak Horde, unlimited challenge timer

I’ve been using this trainer in both of online co-op and offline single-player game to earn achievements perfectly in instance of all Parkour Fever Challenges and pass through The Bozak Horde. By the way there are some functions does not work (Infinite health for example).

All in all, I hope you all find the interests in this game. If my information helps you somehow, feel free to leave a comment below, cheers!


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