Does luck or destiny really exist? Are we bound by destiny?

Does luck or destiny really exist? Are we bound by destiny?

Many times I do feel “destiny” this entity exist in real life through playing the game CS:GO. Sometimes when I got the “good luck”, I will always win the competitive match and it’s so hard to lose. When the time I had the “bad luck” at that day, our team will lost at the end whatever how good I have performed in the game.

Therefore, I realized that the “luck” or “destiny” would refresh everyday, if today is not good for you, you will be very difficult to get over it. There is something in this world that you can’t see but you have to admit it, because there are just there.


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  1. hannah says:

    得之我幸 失之我命~
    Wish Lucky stars above you, Sunshine on your way~

  2. Weidan says:

    主要是有一件事情不顺利了 心情不好然后什么事情都不顺利

    • BianLei says:


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