Display website statistics without plugin in WordPress

1. Display post count:

2. Display page count:

3. Display category count:

4. Comment number:

5. Tag count:

6. Set up time filter by day:


You can manually to add or delete the coding above. To use those code:

Step 1: Find a best place and put them into 【siderbar.php】. For example:

Step 2: Then, go to 【style.css】 and paste the following code(You may need to fit it by yourself):


Or if you want it appear on any post or page, you need a help from a plugin which called “PHP Code for Posts and Pages“(Because WP disabled PHP code on post and page as default setting, so we can use this plugin to active this function), then paste the code and get a shortcode through this plugin and use it on a post or page. The effect is like:

Display website statistics without plugin in WordPress


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