Cost of living in KL, Malaysia. As an international student~

Cost of living in KL, Malaysia. As an international student~

Perface: Introduction of… myself

Cost of living in KL for international student. Before we’re getting into this topic, I wanna have a brief introduction of myself: I’m an international student from China. Came to Malaysia at September of 2011 and currently living in Kuala Lumpur. I have had two working experience in KL as part-time. Right now, I’m going to join my last year for degree.

Well, my father have done some searching about “How is it, study in Malaysia”, “What is the living cost in Malaysia” and such things before I came. The main reason that makes he made choice of Malaysia for me that is because it is affordable and valuable. Yeah~ At least I can open mouth to speak in English! (China doesn’t have good environment to practice English)


Cost of living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

About the cost of living, it is depends on people. I’m a frugal guy. I have three expenditures which are eating, utility bill and other.

Eating – I have to notice that Kuala Lumpur is the capital city, so the price is a bit higher than other places. Usually one meal would charge about RM6~RM20. So each day on eating is about RM30.

But I prefer economical meal (Local people call it “Mixed rice”). Economical meal is mainly cook Chinese food, the feature of it is valuable. (In China, we call it “Box lunch”) You can pick whatever you want, then pay it at the cashier desk. All in all, if there is a Mixed rice restaurant in a vicinity of your residence, you can count RM20 for a day. So for eating, RM20*30 days = RM600. If you cook by yourself, it could save up 20~50% but waste some time.

(Figure: Here is what I had at Mixed rice restaurant. This meal took me RM9.5. If you go to other restaurants, it’s possible to charge double price of it and the quantity of food is less than this.)

Cost of living in KL, Malaysia. As an international student~

Utility bill – Phone credit: RM30/Month(If you want to contact people!). Electricity+Internet+WaterRM150/Month. My condition is like this: Living in apartment with two friends. Three rooms totally contains three air-condition(Not use for whole day). 10MB internet service(The 5MB internet service was too slow cannot be accepted). We share these bills in average. So it’s better to prepare RM150~RM200 for a month.

Cost of living in KL, Malaysia. As an international student~

(Figure: Electric bill during two different months)

Other – Don’t tell me you would never hang out with your friends or never buy a new shirt. So let’s put RM100~RM200 for this. You could save up the rest balance that you have.


Conclusion: How much I spent in last year(2013)

I didn’t count in the rental. From what I’ve heard and seen, the rental in KL is around RM200~RM800/Month for a room. You could add up this by yourself.

Cost of living in KL, Malaysia. As an international student~

(Figue: Cost of living in KL, Malaysia. This is excluding the rental!!!!)


That’s all!~



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