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All content found on the website is original copyrighted material of the owner of BianLei.

This content includes the text, images*, and HTML of each page within the domain. All information and media on are original content and may not be copied, used, or republished without expressed written consent.

* Some pictures and illustrations displayed on some pages maintain the copyright of the respective onwer

If you would like to use any information from, you must first contact and receive permission from BianLei. When requesting permission, please include the following information:

  • what you would like to use the content for
  • where the content will be published
  • what audience will be viewing the content

If the administrator approves your request to use the content, you must place a clearly visible link to wherever the content is published.

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If you would like to link to, you may do so without asking permission. Only websites with adult content are not welcomed to link to

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Copyright violations should be reported to BianLei. Please note that the administrator do regularly checks for websites in violation of the copyright guidelines and takes appropriate action to ensure the copyright guidelines are maintained.

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本站所有内容均为原创且版权归属 BianLei 所有。

这些内容包括 域名中每个页面的文字,图像和HTML。 上的所有信息和媒体均为原创内容,未经书面许可,任何人不得复制,使用或重新发布。

* 某些页面上显示的图片和插图版权归属于原作者。

如果您想使用 的任何信息,您必须先联系 BianLei 并获得许可。请求许可时,请提供以下信息:

  • 你想用什么内容
  • 内容将在哪里发布
  • 什么类型的人将会观看到该内容

如果 BianLei 批准您使用内容的请求,则必须在引用处清晰的标注返回链接到 上。


如果您想链接到,您不必向申请许可。但需注意的是具有成人内容的网站是不被欢迎链接到 的。


如果您发现任何未正确使用本站版权内容的媒体,应该向 BianLei 报告侵犯版权。请注意,管理员会定期检查违反版权准则的网站,并采取适当的措施确保版权得到一定的维护。


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