Change WordPress wp-login URL without plugin

Before we make changing on WordPress site, it is a good way to make a backup of those files that we’re going to change.


1. Make copy of wp-login.php(WP Root folder) and general-template.php(Under wp-includes folder). Put them to somewhere else, just in case one day if you change your mind.

2. Rename wp-login.php to anything that you want. For instance, I rename it as hackme.php. (Just for example :D)

3. Open the php file that we just renamed, search keyword “wp-login.php” and use new name that you just made to instead them all. Example: I open hackme.php and use “hackme.php” to instead keyword “wp-login.php“.

4. Open general-template.php(wp-includes/), search for

Do not make change of this line! But replace everything else from “wp-login.php” to the name you just made.

5. Use new address to login. Mine would be:


When you see a new wp-login.php has been generated since WP update, delete it! When you got issue with logout and cannot be redirect to logout page, then you need re-do step 4!


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