4 Things I’ve Learned Since Graduation

Time takes wings while you’re young. My career has never get off the starting block after graduation, I was changing over between different types of work for different reasons. However, it’s time to do some change. Here are things I’ve been thinking about and learned from the past.

  • Do what you want/have to do.
  • Set long-term goals.
  • Control your desire.
  • Know your strength and apply it to everyday life.


4 Websites Every Gamer Should Know!

I will not nominate some popular websites that most people have already known such as Steam, Metacritic, etc. I will only introduce some practical websites which has been bookmarked for quite a long time and I still have not filtered them out, which means valuable and I do check them out sometimes. Legend: The number is stand for count, it does not represent any favourite or ranks.

4 Websites Every Gamer Should Know! http://www.catmee.com/gamer-sites/[……]