9 things I dislike about Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

9 things I dislike about Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Figure: From my city to Kuala Lumpur

1. Food

The most complaint I’ve heard from friends of China and I’m also strongly agreed term that make me dislike about Malaysia is the Chinese food in Malaysia. I’m not that kind of piddle guy who has a strong demand on food requirement, this is why I can stay in Malaysia for 3 years continually and was only back to China once. The Chinese food in Malaysia mostly like Cantonese cuisine. But worse than that… hey! Believe me, I’m also heard a Malaysian Chinese who has been to Guangzhou and said to me like:”The food in Guangzhou is a lot better than Malaysia!”


2. Internet – Expensive with bad performance

When I was using TM Unifi 5MB internet service for 5 months, my friend and I called service center more than 30 times to report the speed/connection issues. When I was using TM Unifi 10MB internet service for 2 years, I called service center about 20 times. When I was using Maxis 10MB internet service for 7 months, I called service center about 15 times. And do you know how much I paid for it monthly? TM Unifi 5MB = RM149/month. TM Unifi 10MB = RM199/month. Maxis 10MB = RM148/month.

When I was in China(6 months ago), my family is using China Telecom service 10MB home optical fiber plan, I was also using this for 3 years when I was in high school. I’ve never make call to service center because it was no problem at all! And do you know how much I paid for this yearly? RM687/year. (Current currency rate is 0.57) It means RM57/month. Compare with the payment I pay in Malaysia, what a surprise!


3. Fruit species and freshness problems

Before I came to Malaysia, I though tropical place has various type of fruit. But it was a big mistake. Malaysia doesn’t have peach. The dragon fruit is imported from Vietnam. The apple is imported from U.S. or China. The milk is imported from Australia or NZ. The ponkan is imported from China… Anyway, seems that they have very less fruits are produced in local. The last time I ate apple was 2 years ago, the one reason is I don’t like to eat apple, another reason is, I’ve kept an apple in kitchen instead of put into fridge, 6 months later, it was still looks good. Then I never bought apples.


4. Road, sidewalk

My friend Sonny reminds me on this point. The sidewalk is narrow and seems like it is not designed for people to walk? In KL, most of families they have cars, so they don’t have to worry about this. But as a people who enjoy walking, I cannot say “Hi, how r u” to the road. The following photo I’ve took is near to Malaysia National Stadium about 1 kilometer:

9 things I dislike about Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur


5. No more entertainments

Badminton and swimming these are the sports I can think of. I like to ride bicycle very much, but this is a thing I cannot do in Malaysia: because they doesn’t have road for it, and I cannot enjoy riding while sweating like a pig.


6. Summer, rainy summer

I think one of the reason that make me think hard to stay Malaysia is because of the weather.  And this factor can also become the restriction of several things. Malaysia doesn’t have four seasons, only summer and rainy summer. I miss winter a lot, skiing, make a snowman, and ice engraving… A lots fun in winter, I’m also miss the fresh air in spring. Feels like I’m already lost something in my life… The following picture is the photo I took in long time ago, but I’m still happy to share this moment with anyone:

9 things I dislike about Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur


7. You will find cockroaches inside of house

One beautiful night, I’ve heard something when I almost got into sleep. And then, I felt something on my back… Fuck yeah, a 5 centimeters cockroach was crawling on my back! I’ve just seen one time cockroach in my life before I came to Malaysia. And I have seen enough of cockroaches in my life. I promise that I see 5 centimeters cockroach every month in Malaysia! As the time I’m writing this article, the time I just saw a cockroach approaches to my bed before 2 hours ago (I blocked this cockroach off by cover a toilet plug on it, it works). I’m living in 17 floor of a condo. People clean corridor everyday, almost every week I see cockroach’s body has splashes on the ground. I tried to use insecticide. I gave up.


8. You will find ants inside of house

Don’t, never put food on the desk, unless you wanna see empire of ants pass by your sight.


9. People who live in tropics more likely to die seven years earlier



I said a lot of bad things about live at Malaysia, huh? To be honest, this world doesn’t have absolute good and bad. Some people may like the weather in Malaysia very much. And I’ve never had this much foreign friends in China before, because my city doesn’t diversified like this. Also, when I go out of China I see how weirdo(奇葩) some Chinese people really are (I mean the Chinese people from China :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD “林子大了什么鸟都有” ).



A short self-introduction here, I’m a Chinese from northeast part of China and currently living in Kuala Lumpur for 3 year already. I’m the guy posted 《我来说说马来西亚和中国的区别(个人视角)》 on 百度马来西亚吧 about 1 and half year ago, after a 3-year experience I’ve changed a lot in the way of thinking and the treatment on different things.


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